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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yummy Yumi Kim

Happy Spring!!
I welcome the warmth, the sun, and the rain and say good bye to the snow and the cold. 

And what does that mean my fellow friends?
It means NEW CLOTHES!!
Well for me it does.

So, we have just moved and donated over half of my wardrobe to charity and a few friends.
Now I have more room to update my style!

I am also traveling to NY next weekend to beautify some east coaster's at the salon Kropps and Bobbers in the L.E.S. of Manhattan. And something I have found to be a treat to me in that neighborhood is the Yumi Kim flagship store.

Here is an interview with the designer herself. She will tell you where you can find her looks. Or just click her name above to go directly to her website.

I freaking L♡VE her style.
Her colors.
Her patterns.
Her silhouettes.

And I love that most of the clothes are made of silk and other quality fabrics. Which creates a beautiful drape.
So far I have bought about 3 or 4 of her garments. 

This is one of my favorites of her pieces I own.

I plan on going back and purchasing another addition to my spring/summer wardrobe.

I have had my eye on this this little romper for awhile now. 
It's the Nyla Romper. 

Since these little delights are usually priced from about $70-$200 a piece I can only get one.

Sad I know but we just bought two new cars, engagement rings (which I will dish about in another blog), and moved to a swanky new apartment.

I might cry. 

Although she is famous for her sample sales, in which I'm hoping I might find two adorable items on discount. 

Maybe even this?!

I will post my new looks later! 
Ciao for now!!