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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Priscilla Of Boston Store Closing!

I wish I could say I am surprised to hear that one of the longest running wedding dress shops, (its been around for 65 years!) Priscilla of Boston, is closing its doors at the end of the year. But as many other brides in 2011/2012 know, our economy is really feeling a blow and it's taking its toll, even in the bridal world.

Here is the statement by POB:
Here are a few of my favorite gowns I saw at the salon.
 Gemma dress by Vera Wang
 Gracie dress by Vera Wang
 Gabriella dress by Vera Wang
 Sunni dress by Melissa Sweet
Billie dress by Melissa Sweet
 PL399 dress by Priscilla of Boston
PL399 dress by Priscilla of Boston

The company is connected to their sister company David's Bridal which caters to brides with a bit less to spend in their pocket books. The average POB dress weighs in at around $5-8,000.00+ and the average modern bride spends about $1,000.00 on their gown. DB's most expensive gown comes in at most for $1,400.00, which happens to be by Vera Wang White label.

Vera Wang's gowns usually come with a hefty price tag just like POB and Melissa Sweet, but she has taken on a smart new twist by starting to carry her White label at DB.
Pretty much the White by Vera Wang label is her version of knocking off her own line, just like the Go International feature in Target Stores. 

Simply put, a big name designer makes their signature look available to the general public by cutting the costs by a whopping 70-90%. So a traditional Vera Wang dress which costs $9,000.00 is simplified and cut down to be about $1000.00. Pretty awesome for us budget brides out there. And I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of these dresses.

Here are regular Vera Wang gowns:
 Vera Wang gowns

And the next are the Vera Wang White label gowns:
White by Vera Wang

I'm sure you wont be getting as much silk and Italian lace in the White label as in the regular VW line but really, do you think they look cheap? I don't. I think this was beautifully done at a very appropriate time.

Also, for the money savvy fashionista, if you have fallen in love with any of POB's gowns you should get yourself in store asap to catch the 40% off sale, and a get a piece of bridal history, before it's gone!