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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just a sneak peek

Happy Cinco De Mayo!
What are all of you lovelies gonna do today?
All I know is this calls for a margarita or at least a shot of Sauza.

  My engagement ring is finally being made!!
After almost a year of searching for "perfect one"
and even after ordering the Tacori ring in that I posted about earlier,
I have finally got it! (I think)
The Tacori ring looked amazing in pictures but once I tried it on I realized I didn't LOVE it the way I should love something I'm suppose to wear for the rest of my life. 
(And something that cost over $6,000.00)
 So after scouring jewelry stores and vintage shops I decided I wanted 
something that had that "vintage" look to it but with a modern twist.
And after some deliberation, the sales guy at Jared told me I should just design it myself.
(why do I keep coming back to that?!)

So, I sketched and pulled images from the web and came up with a totally custom "Mackenzie" engagement/wedding ring.

Here is the CAD design
It will be made with white gold, a 1 1/2ct  dark blue sapphire 
(it was a better quality guarantee than using my original idea of a black diamond) 
which looks black from far away, and many small pave' set clear diamonds for sparkle.
What you cannot see in this picture though is the filigree that will be added to the metal, it will give it a much more of a vintage look.

You would think designing your own ring would be expensive, 
but it's actually going to cost about $2,000.00 less than the Tacori!!
(I was surprised)

I'm getting really excited and I kinda feel like Veruca Salt.
"Daddy, I want an oompaloompa NOW!!"

I'm lucky my fiance' supports that trait in me at times. 
(although to be fair it goes both ways, 
you should see the amount of Star Wars and video game stuff she has!!)

Enjoy your tacos!


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