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Monday, May 2, 2011

Royally Dressed

Now, just because you aren't royalty 
doesn't mean you can't dress the part on your wedding day.

From crowns, to long trains, and long sleeves,
there are so many ways to look regal on your special day.

Kate Middleton was inspired by Grace Kelley's gown
and wanted to maintain tradition while keeping up with modern high fashion.
She also chose Alexander McQueen as her designer 
who is now headed by Sarah Burton since his death last year.

It's no surprise he has been one of the biggest creative influences 
in my creations since I started designing.

Here is one of my favorite looks from the late designer

Alexander McQueen is impeccable to me as a designer
and I think Sarah and her team have done an excellent job of keeping his style,
although no one will ever be able to mimic his genius. 

These are some of my wedding dress obsessions from McQueen.

Even a Hi-Low Hem!!

Now, I will take some inspiration for my own gown from these images
and I hope I look like a princess, even if I'm not royalty.
Does that count for something borrowed?

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Ruby Girl said...

beauuuutiful dresses! i'm with you, alexander mcqueen is amazing! love your blog, girl. i'm out of minneapolis and do a fashion blog too! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com