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Monday, January 17, 2011

A few dresses, a few messes.

Well, hello again!

So I have entered the official "bride" zone.
I finally got to try on a wedding gown for the first time in my life.
Now let me tell you my friends and followers, it is a unique moment indeed the first time a girl gets into one of these structural masterpieces.
With the first tug as you "step" into the dress you feel the weight of the layers of fabric. The tulle crinoline
, the extra linings, and the pleated and folded cloth everywhere.

The bodices are a whole nother' world.
As a designer I am familiar with boning and wires. But I never expected so much buckram to encompass the garment!
Ok ok, I'm losing some of you.. the ones who think I'm speaking a different language. But honestly if you have no idea what a crinoline or buckram is then I doubt you would even care enough to read my blog. LOL! But just in case I will try and keep it light on the couture wording.

How about I tell you about the few dresses I have tried on so far?

First I went to Brides of France in Uptown. I didn't have good expectations as I have never been impressed by the dresses I have seen in the window displays before. But they didn't need appointments and I work close so thought I would just run in for a minute and take a peek.

This La Sposa gown was the first I tried on. It somewhat surprised me that I would like a fishtail/mermaid style dress. But I just loved the ruffles and it actually made me look thinner! I didn't know anything white could do that!
Ok, I wasn't exactly sold on this dress. It was a little too long for me. But It gave me some ideas about the texture and bodice I like so far.
Oh, and I have nothing but good things to say about this place. They sell new and consignment dresses, I even tried on a $6,000 pre-owned Swarovski crystal encrusted ball gown style princess dress that looked amazing with my jeweled 5' pumps. And the sales ladies were so helpful and excited! Although I think they will be disappointed when I don't splurge for that one for my nuptials.

Ok, on to the next store..
I decided I wanted to go to more of a warehouse type store to utilize the many types of silhouettes they carry so I made an appointment at David's Bridal in Roseville.
I was told to look online and pick out a few of my favorites and write down the item #'s for each one and they would run and pull them all for me when I arrived. Man was I disappointed with what I saw when I got there.
I stood in the front of the store literally being pushed around by other brides to be and some of the sales people in the store. Obviously I came at the busiest time of year. The woman up front who was suppose to check me in was too busy on the phone to even look at me for the first 10 -15 mns. I just stood there like a deer in headlights wondering what I was getting myself into.
Eventually, my personal sales associate came by to escort me to the back of the store which was littered with crowns and tiaras and crinolines. I almost stepped on a few and I quickly rounded them up into a corner as the sales lady apologized for the mess completely ignoring the fact I was doing her job. Oh and she was about 16 years old. (yay)

Out of about 14 dresses I asked to try, they only had 3 in stock. And I only ended up trying on 2. Here is the first one I tried as it had the asymmetric or some call the hi-low hem. This is the cut similar to what I had in my head for my dream dress as to show off my fabulous shoes!
I hated the flower and I planned on removing it if I actually wanted to buy this dress. So I asked the sales lady to get me a black sash to tie over it. (this is also one of my original ideas) I thought I would LOVE this dress but from the side it made me look like I might be 3 months pregnant. And the sales lady tied my bow super loose and crappy. At this point I was ready to get out of here. But I decided to give another dress a try.

Next I tried on this one (after the sales girl brought me a grandma looking ivory pearl adorned cathedral gown, ick) And now that I have posted this I realize how similar it is to the first dress I tried on at B.o.F. . Hrmm.. I must love ruffles and lace?
I asked the sales lady to clip up the front of the hem so I could see what it would look like when I had it altered because I couldn't imagine wearing the dress the way it was.
When the alterations lady came by she told me we could absolutely not alter the "style" of the dress and the most I could do was shorten the whole thing about an inch or two. At this point I was so annoyed that I practically ran out of there.

Well so far that is my bridal gown adventure.
I already made an appointment at Monique Lhuillier in Edina tomorrow at 1pm and at Macy's Bridal Salon on Thursday at 5pm with my lovelies!! I'm hoping I find a few more inspirations to make my own dress or maybe I will even fall in LOVE with a ready made dress? We will see..

As for now I will leave you with this delightful little number by Vera Wang.
It reminds me of what the mice and birds created for Cinderella a bit with the free standing bow on the shoulder as if an invisible helper is still in the air tying it for her.

I can't imagine what it would feel like to try on one of her gowns, but you never know what I might find at Macy's! *crossing fingers*
Have a good one.


samintraining said...
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Krysta Lepinski said...

Vera Wang is my favorite! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

oishiimomo said...

Krysta, you should post a link to your dream wedding dress for fun!