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Friday, January 21, 2011

Wedding story board and color inspiration

Hello my friends!
Phew! What a week!
It's almost done. One more day to work then the weekend!!

Yesterday I went to Macy's bridal salon with my nearest and dearest buddies. We shall call them my "lovelies". (as I already call them) And I tried on a few dresses.
A few hit and few missed, but one almost nailed it perfectly on spot. And under $1000.00 to boot! (Surprised? I am!!)
But after a long night deliberating with myself, I will call that one white gown my "back-up" dress. You know, just in case I don't find anything particularly enchanting at any other stores, or if I FAIL at making my own dress. I do want to try.

I absolutely FELL IN LOVE *swoon* with a dress a Monique Lhuillier on Tuesday. But one giant problem with that; it cost a mere $8,000 before alterations. Hmph.. chump change right? Nooo... not when you have to pay for your own wedding.
So instead I am taking inspiration from that dress and working it into my own dress design.

It's true, if you've heard I will be stopping at one more boutique next week. Priscilla of Boston. They have their own line and also carry a few others, including (datdadadaaa!!) Vera Wang, which I featured a pic of one of her bridal looks in my last entry.
Although I think when I was scanning the dresses in the Edina shop when I made my appointment, I didn't see any hi-low hems, and they only hand a handful of Vera Wang. Bummer!

Like I keep saying,
cuz I am a f****ing designer after all.
But who really wants to toil like a sweatshop worker over their own wedding gown when you can just sit back and have someone do all of the work for you? This way I will have more time to pick out flowers and sample petit fours. Well, one last store.. one last try. And it is fun trying on all of those couture gowns after all!!

Ok, now on to the pictures, cuz we all know why you "read" this blog,
not for my clever words, it's for the FASHION!!

First we will start with the crazy shoes I chose for the main event.
They came in this lovely box! if you have been to my house you would know how loud I shrieked when I realized they have "got" my style.

And this is what I found inside!! OMG OMG OMG...
Iridescent beautiful little babies! LOVE.
So know you see why I am going with a hi-low hem dress. There is no way I'm gonna let anyone miss the sight of these!

Ok, now we can all calm down and get back to the dresses.
This is what I saw at Monique Lhuillier.
They still take my breath away.
I'm obsessed with the horsehair trim that gives you that beautiful ruffle.
I'm definitely going to try and use that in my dress.

I tried these on...

Gorgeous, but too long and too much pouf for me.

This one the sales lady pinned up for me in the front so I could get the idea of it being hemmed from long to short, and it even had horsehair trim on the bodice!
I was starting to fall.. oohh lala..

Then I tried on this bodice..
(they were separates)
...with this skirt.
I die.
She threw on a beaded black sash and that was it!
I loved how the back cascaded down to a cathedral length.
But It simply was a little too poufy for me with the silk organza flowers.
But nothing has topped the feeling I had when I was in that $9,000 wonder.
(of course!)

Now that made it really hard to like anything else I saw. Even though I know I would alter that design to make the PERFECT dress for me, I highly doubt I will ever put anything else on off of the rack that I will get so emotional over. But, it's worth a try. ;)

Now, now, now...
I promised that I would share my inspiration and color scheme with you.
So here it is...
Those 3 boxes on the top is my color scheme..
The picture is from Printemps window display in Paris.
Freaking amazing right? God I wish I lived there!

And this is just some more inspiration I pulled and put together after searching the web for my lightly Alice in Wonderland themed reception. We will see how far I go with it or if I completely scrap it! But right now it's still fun to look at!
(sometimes I can't believe I'm sharing all of these secrets with you!)

I think it's time to go.
I will catch up with you later.
Have a lovely day!

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