"It is our function as artists to make the spectator to see the world our way, attempt to make art more than just something to look at, we want it to be something to be involved in, something too big to ignore."

Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Ringing" in the New YEAR!!

Only about halfway into the first day in 2010 my fiancé and I decided to head out for a date. We went to see Hubble at The Omnitheatre at The Science Museum of Minnesota. It was pretty amazing actually.

The funniest thing is that I found design inspiration in the beautiful images that the telescope produced. My brain never stops. Obviously. The images brought on ideas similar to layered tulle skirts of black and gold and blue and purple.
It was a gorgeous thought. Maybe someday I will make a line inspired by the mystery of the universe?

On our way back we checked out the gift shop where I was stunned by the design of a specific jeweler they had displayed. The company is called Nervous System and the line I loved was called Cell Cycle.
Check out their blog HERE. The rest of their stuff in unbelievable, I will most likely purchase one of those black 2-layer plastic laser cut rings soon. (Still deciding on exactly which one)

I walked over to see what Liza was doing and I happened upon a sweet surprise! When I saw them it brought back memories of friendship bracelets, BFF necklaces, and flavored Lipsmackers. It was a pile of MOOD RINGS!! And not just the old run of the mill fake stick on plastic mood stone rings that fall off after a shower and leave your finger green.
These were stainless steel full circle mood rings, and at $3 a pop, I couldn't resist. I scooped up two of them. And gave one to Liza to replace her "nicer" titanium and black carbide engagement ring we bought for her.
After wearing it for a week it became all scratched and dull. You can hardly see the design anymore, and we plan on returning it asap.

I'm currently wearing a black titanium and diamond promise ring we found last year on a titanium website, and it has lasted well so far.
I love it but I wanted something that said more of "I'm married" rather than "I'm taken". After months of searching I keep running back into this ring from Tacori.
I love the intricate detailing from the side and the crownlike design on the prongs along with the other tiny diamonds. I wish I could find something I like that is a bit less pricey, but I also don't want to compromise on such an important piece of jewelry. We still haven't been in to try it on in person, and who knows, maybe when it's on my finger I might not like it? We will see.

I hope all of you had the most wonderful beginning to your 2011. Mine already feels different.
I'm going to go back to relaxing on my last night of this holiday vacation with yet another inspiration from Hubble's images, the iPad game called Osmos.
It's a mix between deep sea diving around swarms of jellyfish and floating around in outer space among the stars and blackholes. Try it sometime.

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